Filter Organic matter and Impurities from water with Livpure in India

Water can be polluted from a number of different sources. Agricultural wastes, industrial wastes and garbage dumps are the biggest contributors. Human and animal faeces in the water spread diseases like cholera and dysentery. Water which is supplied through pipes is also contaminated due to cracks and leakages.

Best Water Purification System in India
Save Water

The impurities in water are of different kinds. Suspended impurities are materials that are not soluble in water such as sand, minerals, aquatic matter etc. Colloidal particles are very tiny organic or inorganic particles ranging in size from 0.01 microns to 1.0 microns and cannot be removed by ordinary filters. Some dissolved impurities include organic compounds, inorganic salts, gases, etc. These can make the water hard/ alkaline.

Shop Livpure Envy Plus-“I” RO Water Purifier
Livpure Envy Plus (RO + UV) “I” RO, Water Purifier

To remove all these impurities, we need an advanced, multi faceted water purifier. Livpure RO water purifiers, considered one of the best water purifiers in India ensure complete removal of these impurities. Through the combined effect of reverse osmosis, ultra violet and ultra filtration techniques, all impurities such as pathogens, microbes and cyst get removed. Livpure guarantees 100% safe and pure drinking water and complete prevention from the dangers of water –borne diseases. If you are planning to buy water purifier in India, go for Livpure water purifiers.


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