The Insider’s Guide to Livpure Water Purifier Reverse Osmosis System

Reverse Osmosis is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids (such as salts) are removed from a solution (such as water). This is accomplished by household water pressure pushing the tap water through a semi permeable membrane. In Livpure RO water purifiers; this membrane removes 99.9% of microbes (bacteria, viruses) and microbial cysts. It also removes harmful chemical impurities, excessive dissolved salts and all suspended particles below 5 microns, making the water pure, safe and crystal clear.

RO Water Purifier in India
Livpure Magna RO Water Purifier in India with Taste Enhancer Technology

Being the best Reverse Osmosis System in India, Livpure RO water purifiers have reverse osmosis membrane filters that last a long time. The membrane (which is about as thick as cellophane) allows only the water to pass through, not the impurities or contaminates. These impurities and contaminates are flushed down the drain.

Best RO Water Purifier in India
Best reverse osmosis system in India

When we compare water purification system in India, Livpure RO water purifiers are eco-friendly as they do not produce any chemicals. They remove dissolved minerals and other contaminants that may cause water to smell unpleasant, and look odd. The clean and safe water treated from Livpure RO water filters is ideal for people suffering from heart disease, because they eliminate almost all salt and remove 99% of bacteria and pyrogenic substances in the water. They also eliminate all heavy metals that are harmful to health, like lead, mercury and selenium, as well as animal waste and chemicals.


Make a promise of purity with Livpure RO Water Purifiers

If you had a drink of clean water, you are more fortunate than 78 crore people on our planet, today. Water is the lifeline of human survival.  Around 2,000 children a year die from the lack of clean water. Thus, there is a dire need of reliable solutions for purity of water. Livpure provides the best water purifiers in India and has emerged as an effective solution. With advanced water dispensing options, clear display panels and innovative tank design, Livpure Best water purifiers in India have taken the market by storm and revolutionized the concept of purity.

Best Water Purifier in India - livure
Almost 80% of urban waste in India is dumped in the river Ganges. – LIVPURE

Livpure gives a guarantee of 100 % purity for water from any recommended drinking source. This is due to the latest RO+UV+UF technology employed in their water purifiers. We make the best out of Reverse osmosis, Ultra Filtration and Ultra Violet technologies and make water 100% safe and pure for drinking. The seven stage purification process and unique Taste enhancing technology make best water purifiers unparalleled in technological marvel and performance.

compare water purifier - livpure
We are losing an area of forest as large as 20 football fields every minute – LIVPURE

Our vision is to spread purity all over the world. We want people to live with dignity and pride. With Livpure’s pure water, every family can be healthy and disease-free. 80 % of diseases in the world are water –borne. Such diseases include Malaria, Cholera, Dengue, respiratory and heart diseases. They always lead to lifelong sufferings and deaths for the patients. Livpure is on a mission to prevent any water-borne diseases. If every home has a Livpure best ro water purifier in india, every family will have a guarantee of 100% safe water free of impurities.

Compare Water Purifier in india - livpure
A Glass bottle will take 40,000 years to decompose if it’s not recycled – LIVPURE

We can survive without food for roughly a month, but not more than a week without water. Keep the health of your family as a priority and ensure that you have the Livpure purity guarantee with you. Impurities, dirt, germs, bacteria and virus populate impure water and make it completely unfit for drinking. We should make a promise of purity to ourselves and wage a war against these water borne diseases. Our children, the future of our nation, should grow strong and healthy. That will only be a reality when we all come together and aim at eliminating these diseases from around the world. With Livpure RO water purifiers, you can make this reality.