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Water can be polluted from a number of different sources. Agricultural wastes, industrial wastes and garbage dumps are the biggest contributors. Human and animal faeces in the water spread diseases like cholera and dysentery. Water which is supplied through pipes is also contaminated due to cracks and leakages.

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The impurities in water are of different kinds. Suspended impurities are materials that are not soluble in water such as sand, minerals, aquatic matter etc. Colloidal particles are very tiny organic or inorganic particles ranging in size from 0.01 microns to 1.0 microns and cannot be removed by ordinary filters. Some dissolved impurities include organic compounds, inorganic salts, gases, etc. These can make the water hard/ alkaline.

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To remove all these impurities, we need an advanced, multi faceted water purifier. Livpure RO water purifiers, considered one of the best water purifiers in India ensure complete removal of these impurities. Through the combined effect of reverse osmosis, ultra violet and ultra filtration techniques, all impurities such as pathogens, microbes and cyst get removed. Livpure guarantees 100% safe and pure drinking water and complete prevention from the dangers of water –borne diseases. If you are planning to buy water purifier in India, go for Livpure water purifiers.


Get Best RO Water Purifiers in India and Make Sure you are Safe from the Dangers of Impure Water

An estimated 1000 children die every day in India due to polluted water. On an average 250 million people worldwide succumb to diseases related to water pollution. What is this polluted water? Why is it so dangerous?

It is the water that gets filthy and contaminated with garbage dumps. The biggest sources of water pollution are the city sewage, industrial wastes and agricultural wastes that get discharged into the rivers. The facilities to treat waste water are quite inadequate in India. Presently, only about 10% of the waste water generated is treated and the rest is discharged as it is into our water bodies. Due to this, pollutants enter groundwater, rivers, and other water bodies. Such water, which ultimately ends up in our households, is often highly contaminated and carries disease-causing microbes, heavy metals, nutrients, microbial pathogens and sediments. This polluted water leads to cholera, malaria, diarrhea and many other water borne diseases. The only effective solution to this problem is to have RO water purifiers in our homes.

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Going through reviews and performance results, Livpure water purifiers has emerged as best Revese osmosis system in India the most reliable solutions for pure water. They have multi pronged processes to attack the microbes and germs and guarantee 100% purity. Their innovative approach includes the RO+UV+UF technology, the most advanced weapon to fight impurities.

Best RO Water Purifier in India

RO is reverse osmosis, the process in which impure water is passed through a semi-permeable membrane. Impurities get caught in the membrane and we get clean, pure water. Along with RO, The ultra filtration membrane (UF) also filters water and allows only essential minerals to pass through. Ultraviolet light (UV) is also very efficient at killing bacteria. A UV lamp in a water purifier ensures that the water is 100% bacteria-free. Together, these three features in a Livpure RO water purifier have completely revolutionized the concept of water purification. Now, Livpure guarantees 100% purity for water from any recommended drinking source (taps, wells, bore wells etc).

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Livpure’s ultra-filtration and ultraviolet based water treatment system also ensures optimum taste so that the water is not only pure but tastes good too. All in all, Livpure fulfills its promise of being the most reliable and effective best water purifiers that guarantees 100% pure, safe drinking water.

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In the list of 122 countries rated on quality of portable water, India ranks a lowly 120. None of our rivers have water fit to drink. The quality of ground water which accounts for more than 85% of domestic supply is also an area of grave concern. As a result, many residents in India have installed pumps to directly pull out as much water as possible. But even those pumps suck contaminants from surrounding soil. To get rid of these recurring problems of filthy and impure water, customers needed a reliable brand that guaranteed 100% purity. This is where Livpure Best water purifiers emerged as a perfect solution to all impurity problems. Here are some testimonials that show how Livpure has been touching millions of lives with its purity.

Best RO Water Purifier in India

Water is the cornerstone of any survival. It is the lifeline for any existence. But once the water gets contaminated, it becomes a major health hazard. 80% of the diseases in the world originate from water. So, it has become a necessity to use RO water purifiers and ensure safety for our families. Here we present the story of Mr. Ajay Sharma, a businessman who lives in Dwarka, Delhi. The densely populated Dwarka has always been afflicted with the problems of water impurity. Every year, Mr. Sharma had to face the uphill task to battle it out with diseases and filth. Through some friends, he got to know about the Livpure RO water purifiers. After meeting several other happy users and receiving numerous positive reviews of Livpure water purifiers, Mr. Sharma decided to buy one. And he reveals how he is extremely happy with his decision. Since last 8 months, this RO water purifier has provided his family with safe and pure drinking water. He has also been touched by the pleasantly quick after sales service and wonderful performance of Livpure Best Ro Water Purifier in India.

Best RO Water Purifier in India

Talking to Mrs. Preeti Ray, a housewife who lives in the Mahavir Enclave area of Delhi, we discovered some more little ways by which Livpure has been spreading happiness all over India. She talks about the nagging water problems in her area and how it used to be a daily hardship to ensure safe drinking water for her family. It was a television ad of Livpure RO water purifier that enticed her towards the product. After a free demonstration of the product at her home, she actually liked the product and decided to buy it. Now since last 6 months, she has been happy and relieved of the daily hassles in getting pure drinking water. Livpure RO water purifier with the latest RO+UV+UF technology ensures her 100% pure, crystal clear water.

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The fast paced hectic life of Gurgaon has brought the baggage of pollution and impurities with itself. Impure water is a stark everyday reality in Gurgaon too. We realized this more closely as we met Mrs. Namrata Goswami. She works as an HR and lives in the RD city area of Gurgaon. She has sad stories of the past when the daily struggle for pure water was a big hassle. But since Livpure has arrived, she has been relaxed and content. With the guarantee of 100% purity in her hands, she is really thankful to the Livpure team. She says that the Livpure RO water purifier has quite impressed her with its performance. She has already recommended this as a best water purifier in India to many of her friends.